Sunday morning classes are held for youth Kindergarten through the 8th grade.
Nursery care is available throughout the morning

"Kids of the Kingdom"  [Elementary K - 4]

Kids of the Kingdom is SJPC’s children’s programming during worship services.  After the “Time With Our Kids” portion of the service, elementary aged kids head to class to pray, worship and learn together. We provide Christ centered teaching in a way that helps kids build foundations of faith as they begin to understand “the Big God story” and how they are a part of much larger community of faith of past, present and future believers.

 "The Mix"  [5th - 8th grade]

Aa “time with our kids” portion of the service begins, older students head to class.  A Multi-Media enhanced, Topic Based Bible Study for youth helps kids dig into the Bible, answer real life questions, and tackle the issues they care most about. 

* High school aged youth are encouraged to worship with their families in the service.


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