Sunday morning classes are held for youth Kindergarten through the 8th grade.
Nursery care is available throughout the morning

"Kids of the Kingdom"  [Elementary K - 4]

Kids of the Kingdom is SJPC’s children’s programming during worship services.  After the “Time With Our Kids” portion of the service, elementary aged kids head to class to pray, worship and learn together. We provide Christ centered teaching in a way that helps kids build foundations of faith as they begin to understand “the Big God story” and how they are a part of much larger community of faith of past, present and future believers.

 "The Mix"  [5th - 8th grade]

In January The Mix will begin studying the Bible and it's relavance to everyday life today.

* High school aged youth are encouraged to worship with their families in the service.

      FEBRUARY IS CANNED PASTA COLLECTION FOR TREASURE HOUSE                                                        

St. John’s is collecting canned pasta in February. You don’t always have time to cook up a delicious dinner from scratch. Sometimes, all your schedule allows you is the ability to open up a can and heat up the contents in a microwave. That’s the beauty of Chef Boyardee and Campbell’s SpaghettiOs. Since the 1920’s, Boyardee has filled stomachs hundreds of millions of times over, with SpaghettiOs following suit since 1965. Whether you’re a young child learning to “cook” for yourself, a busy adult on the go, or a broke college student who simply can’t afford much else, cheap canned pasta is a timeless American institution.

Households with children are the largest demographic group accessing emergency food boxes (EFB). The average number of EFB's distributed monthly in Clark County has increased from 9,500 to 10,100 and 39% of those receiving hunger relief from this source are children.